12 finest cigar lighters you are able to purchase

You do not need to smoke cigars so long until you understand that inexpensive plastic or matches, convenience-store lighters will not be great enough. In reality, you shouldn’t ever light a cigar with a cigarette lighter or cigarette suits. It is simple to ruin a fantastic cigar with them.

You want a milder specific for your own cigar smoking requirements. The tobacco used in cigarettes is sterile tobacco, however, the cigarette in a cigar remains moist. You require fuel to the lighter which will not harm your cigar’s flavor (i.e. butane), and also the dimensions of the fire have to be wider to provide you a more light.

Use this manual to pick the ideal cigar lighter to the budget and preferred fire pit. I am also adding more hints and guidance about how to pick the best lighter to the budget and other conditions.

1- WindBlaze Torch Lighter

The WindBlaze Torch Lighter is a beginner to the cigar lighter spectacle. It is an excellent cigar lighter which I believe that you’ll like as much as I really do. The waterproof milder is excellent due to its durability. The windproof layout makes it effortless to wash your cigar at almost any surroundings. The torch flame is windproof and in an angle, which makes it simple to light almost any cigar. The ergonomic structure creates the WindBlaze crucial for almost any cigar connoisseur. I’ve got larger hands and occasionally have problems with bigger lighter mechanics. The WindBlaze isn’t hard to utilize for bigger hands and more compact hands equally. What actually makes this cigar lighter my best windproof lighter is the cost and appearance. The WindBlaze Torch Lighter comes in at under $40.00. Along with also the shuttle casing is a true eye-catcher. I have had many friends ask about it if we have been smoking cigars in my property. The next time I checked, you can purchase the WindBlaze Torch Lighter for 39.00 straight from the manufacturer. They are made in america and sent right to you.

2 – Vertigo Triple Torch –“Titan”

That the Vertigo Titan is among my best picks to get a budget milder. The Vertigo presents predictable performance alongside an appealing fashion. Though it’s significantly less than 20, it does not LOOK like it is significantly less than $20 — which matters to a people over others. Vertigo (from LOTUS) provides a one-piece guarantee in their own lighter, also. So, even though it quits functioning or stops functioning optimally, then you’ll get it replaced using this guarantee. In reality, if you don’t invest over $100 to a milder, it likely will not last over a year regardless of what. If you are on a budget, searching for a present for a cigar smoker, and do not wish to obtain a real cigar, then you can do a whole lot worse than purchasing your buddy that a Vertigo Titan. A triple flashlight is obviously amazing, too.

3- Alec Bradley Table Cigar Lighter

If you are not traveling with your cigars, then that the Alec Bradley Table Cigar Lighter is most likely your very best option. It delivers a perfect blend of an inexpensive cost with a massive butane capacity. In reality, you are able to light countless cigars before needing to refuel–that the combo of fuel-efficient, low fire flame together with the massive fuel capability make this potential. The fire is as large as you would expect from such a large lighter. In reality, you do not have to devote much time whatsoever light your cigar for this one. It is intended to be left on a desk, however, so it is not really mobile. Envision a Bunsen burner that is used for fun rather than chemistry experiments, and you’re going to have a fairly good idea about what you may expect from that one. I love this one since it provides you the very best chance of having your cigar equally lit, which is hard if using a torch lighter. (Several torches make this easier, but it is still not as easy as applying this particular table cigar lighter As of the writing, that the Alec Bradley Table Cigar Lighter sells for $79.99, however I watched it available for $56.99 once I was studying this article. That cost will change at any moment, however. At full retail, it is well worth the cost.

4- S.T. Dupont Maxijet Single Torch Cigar Lighter — Matte Black

I really like the plan of this S.T. Dupon Maxijet Single Torch Cigar Lighter, in no small part, since the window causes it clear just how much fuel you’ve left. Additionally, it is lightweight and mobile, but it is hefty enough it seems great . Even the S.T. Dupont is easily among the very greatest cigar lighters you’ll discover. The version I am advocating is among the less expensive lighters from this producer. Many of the other versions price a few hundred bucks. Their lighters create a exceptional noise upon being opened, and cigar lovers in the know will honor your pick. When I wrote this review, the cost for its S.T. Dupon Maxijet Single Torch Cigar Lighter had been 199. That cost may have shifted in the meantime. Whether this individual’s inside your budget, then you can not go wrong with this unless you simply hate the color (or absence thereof).

5- Xikar Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter

Xikar Volta Quad Flame Tabletop Cigar Lighter is just another bit lighter, but it has got a more contemporary appearance compared to the Alec Bradley I advocated previously in this article. It is a hefty, strong cigar attachment, also –it weighs about only 1.2 lbs. The plan is odd. The lid opens just like a camera aperture, and that retains ashes and dirt from this lighter. The fire is large enough for the largest of cigars, also. With a few lighters, the gas gauge is more difficult to determine than others. The Xikar causes this simpler, also. The Xikar includes a lifetime guarantee, also. I found it accessible at Famous Smoke for 135 , however, the costs there vary without warning occasionally. It is well worth every cent of the $135, however.

6-S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme

With its red and black finish, this is definitely the most appealing and trendy luxury milder on the listing. Every milder out of S. T. Dupont is one-of-a-kind, also, since the individual who put it together engraves his ribbon on the milder. (Do not worry, however — that the initials are modest and beneath the striker wheel) Each of the Defi Extremes are designed for topnotch performance whatever the conditions you are smoking inside. During evaluations, the milder worked with winds blowing over 20 mph. Additionally, it functions regardless of temperature or elevation. The S. T. Dupont Defi Extreme creates a perfect present for any fashionable cigar smoker. The Defi Extreme sells for $300, however it is generally available in this website for approximately $250. Pricing is subject to accessibility, however, click the website for the most recent price.

7- Vector Megatron Triple Flame (Mahogany Granite Lacquer)

The Megatron out of Vector is among my favorites. It includes 3 flames, and it is among the very attractive lighters with this listing with its 2-tone marble and mahogany lacquer finish. The Megatron shuts and opens automatically and contains higher fuel capacity than the majority of the additional lighters with this listing. The retail cost for your Megatron is just 60, however, you can locate it at a discount in this hyperlink. The most recent selling price I found about the Megatron was 39, so it is 33 percent off. Obviously, that cost is based on the accessibility. I attempt to keep this site constantly updated, however, I can not make sure what’s perfect together with pricing. This will make a ideal present for an elderly gentleman that loves smoking and the finer things in your life.

8- Xikar Lighter Element ELX

8- Xikar Lighter Element ELX

I believe if you prefer the Xikar brand as well as their tabletop lighter, then it would just be wise to see whether their firm also made mobile milder. The Xikar Lighter Element ELX fits that bill perfectly. The Xikar Lighter Element ELX includes a double-jet fire and an integrated punch cutter. You are able to purchase this in numerous colors –bronze, black, or walnut. I found this 1 on Amazon at a discounted cost of $52.95. I saw exactly the same milder on the company’s site for $69.95, however. Remember that costs from Amazon alter all of the time, however. My buddy Brian, who was able to compose this site, has employed the Xikar Lighter Element ELX for quite a while, and he adores it.

9- IM Corona Old Boy Chrome Hairlines Pipe Lighter

The IM Corona Old Boy Hairlines Lighter is the type of cigar lighter I would expect somebody from a steampunk narrative to utilize. This one is made for the two cigars and plumbing –that the fire is flexible and operates at 90 degrees. The reviews for Your IM Corona Old Boy Hairlines Lighter are positive. This just makes a fantastic gift and can be well-made. It is available in a beautiful, luxury box, and it must last quite a while. The picture does not offer a fantastic notion of how strong or heavy this milder is–it seems mild, but it is sound. Some lighters need numerous attempts to mild, however, this one lighting each time. The fuel appears to last more using all the IM Corona Old Boy than nearly all of the other mobile lighters I utilize. At $115.20, it is not the cheapest milder on my listing, however, it is not irrational, either. Remember the cost and accessibility are equally subject to change.

10- VECTOR Thunderbird Soft Flame Flip Top Butane Pipe Lighter at Wood Plate

The Vector Thunderbird Soft Flame Flip Top Butane Pipe Lighter at Wood Plate is yet another Fantastic alternative if budget is an issue. Using its flip shirt, it seems much like a Zippo, just classier.

It’s a more 45-degree angle, which means you may easily use this for plumbing in addition to cigars. It is available in a gift box, so it is another reasonably priced gift alternative.

I found it accessible I found it for $26.95 with free delivery. This makes it among the most inexpensive lighters on this listing.

Additionally, it has a specific style that matches a specific character. I can see how a person who believes Zippos are so cool may favor the VECTOR Thunderbird into a number of the more and more expensive illustrations I have reviewed .

11- Colibri Uber Premium Butane Cigar Torch Lighter Triple Flame Big Table-top Good Metal (Perdomo Black)

I have used several Colibri lighters for many years , and I have never been defeated. (I was able to believe the brand name has been spelled”Calibri,” but I have since become better-educated.) This one utilizes a 3-jet fire and can be durable, thick, and contains a massive tank. You will likely also love the one-piece guarantee from the manufacturer. Those can be considered attributes for the ideal cigar aficionado, however. Some smokers want to get a lighter that does not go anyplace. nd should you prefer Perdomo cigars, then you’re likely going to don’t have any trouble getting their branding onto your lighter, also. On top of that, this is only one of the cheapest”large” cigar lighters it’s possible to purchase.

12- Cedar Cigar Lighter Strips

I have been capable of not needing one of my lighters along with me. In these scenarios, I love to purchase a box of games and catch two or three cedar strips. You are able to find a box of games for under a buck, and also my regional tobacconist provides cedar milder strips free of cost when you get a cigar . One reason a few cigar smokers would rather have a spill above a lighter or match is that, when lit up the foliage provides a small cedar flavor into the cigarette. Additionally, cedar is”cleaner” than normal matches, and because spills are more, you’ve got enough time to properly light your cigar.

Employing a cedar strip to light your cigar is conservative, but in addition, it imparts a particular, subtle odor of cedar into the cigar you are smoking. Cigar factories utilize cedar sheets to divide the cigars. You’re able to fold those sheets and then split them down into pieces approximately half an inch broad and utilize these to light the cigars. If you are the meticulous kind, you may even use an Exacto knife to reduce on those sheets into bits. A paper cutter could get the job done too, and I have even heard of folks with scissors.

Cigar Lighters with Numerous Jets

Cigar Lighters with Numerous Jets

My preferred cigar lighter of time needed 3 jets. Additionally, it conducted through butane remarkably quickly. You may expect exactly the exact identical thing.

You only require a jet, and a cigar lighter having a single jet must maintain sufficient gas to lighting a dozen cigars so before requiring a refill.

The Way to Select the Finest Cigar Lighter to Your Unique Requirements

The most important factors when Picking a cigar lighter will be straightforward:

What is your budget?

What type of fire would you rather have?
Smoking cigars is not a hobby to the bad, but it does not need to cost a lot of money.

You are able to find an excellent butane lighter to get as little as $20. Should you find you cheaper than this, great for you, but beware–you could encounter issues with its own purpose.

A”funding” cigar lighter prices between $20 and $100.

If you’d like something much more lavish, it is possible to easily spend $200 or more onto a milder.

If you are purchasing a cigar lighter to get a buddy, do not rely on the price. Your friend will understand.

Different cigar smokers undergo distinct rituals when light their cigars. I would rather get milder in which you are able to adjust the fire-based upon your requirements. I love to maintain my milder farther out of my cigar compared to some individuals, therefore I want a lighter using a greater fire.

Not everybody requires a flexible fire, but it is great to own.


I suggest purchasing no less than two cigar lighters. You ought to have your primary milder, that’s the one which you’ll spend more cash on, likely. It’s also wise to have a copy lighter for those inevitable occasions when your primary lighter is from gas.

Additionally, it is a great concept to carry around cedar strips to mild cigars with. In case you’ve got no other source of fire besides smoke games or a cigarette lighter, then it is possible to light the foliage strip and use it to light your cigar. This can be an inexpensive alternative if you’re on a stringent budget, also.