The Recipe of My Writings

I interrupt my sabbatical to share with you something that I put together today after my daily blog reading (one of the habits I have developed during my sabbatical). I came across Nirvana Mama’s posting From the Author of “Eat, Pray, Love … which included a wonderful must see video of Elizabeth Gilbert speech on writing, anxiety of success and the process of creativity. ( I mean as soon as you finish reading this you need to watch it.) While she spoke of her interpretation of her creative process and of others I began to think of my own. Where does mine come from if not from a fairy or genius (once again, have to watch the video). I imagine my creative process as a divine recipe from above. The ultimate creator and chef, God, birthed inside of me my abilities and inspiration from the very beginning.

Blending together my life experiences, my knowledge & education, my passion, my environment and my mind. Folded together with my sense of humor, my attitude, my perception, my emotions and my understanding. When carefully created and placed on paper with pen at hand it is a delicious combination of words of joy love & hope to type up on the computer to share with my neighbors near and far.
In response to Elizabeth’s concern of keeping ‘sane’ during this process? For me

Knowing that I cannot obtain all of the ingredients alone. Therefore the completed creation is a masterpiece or catastrophe only when the ‘cook or waitress’ (me) decides to whip up something on my own.

I am not saying that there will not be any mediocre meals served; however, if all of the ingredients are blended by The Chef’s hand even the least enjoyed morsel can still produce a lesson learned.

I now return back to my sabbatical – I am enjoying my time of rest and gaining resources & habits. Tomorrow I begin the ProBlogger’s Build a Better Blog in 31 Days Challenge with the SITS girls. I look forward to my return September 1st with new series like Simple & Scrumptious in the kitchen …