Time in your day to pray

Today is the first Thursday of May, which is annually the National Day of Prayer. So I thought I would take today to share with you some tips on making prayer apart of your daily life. As a busy mom I no longer have time to pray for an hour before I begin my day like I did before children and as my day comes to an end in the late hours I find myself drifting off to sleep in pure exhaustion of my day to pray. So when do I have the chance to pray?

In this season of motherhood, I have learned 2 things:

1. God is always here and always listening
2. Peter prayed best in 3 simple words, ‘Lord save. me!’

I don’t have to schedule time with God for Him to listen. I do not have to pray for an hour to have done it effectively either. I can do it when it comes naturally. The days of bluetooth technology and wearing ear pieces makes this an easy analogy. Praying is like having an earpiece that is always on and God is always connected.

So here is the day in the life of prayer:
*note I am not saying that I do this everyday all day these are ideas to inspire you to pray throughout the entire day*

*The alarm goes off in the morning – Good Morning Lord! Thank you for this day that you have given me. Thank you in advance for all the blessings you have in store for me and I am forever thankful for your willingness to give me and my family your grace to get through it all together.

*You make your coffee and begin preparing your daily list you can ask that guide your steps through the day so that all that He sees fit can be completed.

*You get yourself showered and dressed. You can tell Him how thankful you are for what He has made you. Thank Him for what He has done for your life and what He plans on doing (Jer 29:11)

*Your husband leaves for work (or already has done so in my day) but you pray for Him as He goes about his day. (I try to do this when he is driving off)

* Your children are about to wake up – pray for them and their day. Ask for the strength to assist them and thank Him for giving you the privilage of being a Mommy and getting to raise His children.

* Pray for breakfast

* Pray for your kids and their school while they get on the bus or you drop them off.

* If you work this is a great time to pray for your company and its leaders as you commute or log on your computer if you work at home.

* Laundry – this is one of my least favorite things to do cause it just is so repetitive! But I have found a load a day keeps Mt Laundry Pile away so I do it! (except Sunday). But here I pray for the person I am doing laundry for while I place in the washer transfer it to the dryer (I wait for the day there is one machine that will do it all) and then as I fold the clothes and put them away I keep that person on my heart.

* Cleaning has the same idea as laundry pray for the people that will use the room or area that you are preparing. That God for the blessings he has poured out on you in orderbto have these rooms and things that need to be cleaned.

* Before your family returns home pray for them and their safe return.

* Pray for those around the world that they will be fed tonight as you prepare for Dinner.

* Pray for Dinner

* Pray for your children as they complete their chores, do their homework, play and do their extra curricular activites.

* Pray for the person who called you, emailed you or sent you something in the mail.

* Pray for your finances as you pay your bills, go to the bank or balance the checkbook.

* Pray for the community and the world as you read, watch or listen to the news.

* Pray for those in trouble or need assistance when you here sirens.

* Thanks Him for another day and Pray with your children as they get ready for bed.

* Pray with your husband before you settle down for the night (this makes it easier not to fall asleep)

Remember to pray always. He is always there! I hope this is helpful to you as you go about your days. Pray when you do not feel like praying that’s most often when you need to most. Get your family in the habit, a family that prays together stays together!

Be creative add new ways to your day to pray. What ways can you add to my list I would love to hear them. E-mail me at or comment!

Blessings to you, your family and our country on this National Day of Prayer….